6 Types of Fire Extinguisher As Per Standard – Uses and Guide

Do you know the Types of Fire Extinguisher and how the fire extinguishers are classified on different basis if you know it is very good but if you don’t know so you don’t need to worry about that. in today’s article I will teach you all about the fire extinguishers like types of Fire extinguisers as per the standards Indian standard and National Fire protection association so kindly go through this article and learn.

What is Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher is a part of active fire protection system which is used to extinguish or control small fires occurred in residential apartment, industries, buildings.

if you don’t know about the how many types of fire protection system will be there like active fire protection method and passive Fire protection systems. you can ask in comment sections I will teach you separately.

If Someone ask to you that what is fire extinguisher then you can easily say above definition and also you can say a fire extinguisher is a device which is filled with various types of extinguishing medias like water foam DCP that is Dry chemical powder and clean agent , carbon dioxide for the extinguishment purpose.

Now come on the next types of fire extinguisher or how many types of fire extinguisher and also sometime ask like classification of fire extinguisher.

Extinguish meaning –

Sometimes non professionals are confused about the meaning of extinguish term . It is not a very big term, the meaning of extinguish is douse. any substance which is field in any type of equipment and control or completely douse the Fire or put down the fire that is called extinguish or Extinguishment.


Types of Fire Extinguisher-

There are various Classifications or types of the extinguishers, but I will teach you step by step about the types of fire extinguishers as per the different types of standards. First I will describe you that type of extinguisher as per the Indian Standard and then describe you the type of extinguisher as per the National Fire protection association or British Standard or sometimes also called American standard.

Types of Fire Extinguisher as Per Indian Standard :

Indian standard code IS : 15683 ( Portable fire extinguishers – Performance
and construction) and also Indian standard IS : 2190 (selection installation and maintenance of fire extinguisher) says about the types of fire extinguisher.

As per the above two mentioned Indian standards Fire extinguisher are classified into 6 types. sometimes you can found that the fire extinguishers are classified into only 5 types but as per the standard Fire extinguishers are classified into 6 types.

1- Water Type Fire Extinguisher: 

water type fire extinguishers are those extinguishers in which water is filled in the extinguishers as an extinguishing media for the extinguishment purpose and water type harvesting users are journal used extinguishers which can use on class A type fire.

2- Foam type Fire Extinguisher:

foam type fire extinguishers are broadly classified into two types mechanical foam type fire extinguisher and chemical foam type fire extinguisher both extinguishers are different but use form for the Fire extinguishment and also the extinguishment mechanism are same.

3- Dry Chemical powder Type Fire Extinguisher – 

dry chemical powder typhoid users are widely used fire extinguishers in industries and residential apartment. Dry chemical powder typhoid extinguisher can be used on class 8 type fire class p type fire class c type fire as well as class d type fire but for the class the type fire we use the special powder that is known as tec ternary utactive chloride. Dry chemical powder Fire extinguisher is also known as mono monium phosphate fire extinguisher and if you want detail knowledge about the dry chemical powder like their chemistry then you can comment in below section.

4- CO2 type Fire Extinguisher:

carbon type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher are used for the usually electrical fires and class b type fire this types of fire extinguishers are extinguis the fire by is smothering and cooling process in the types of extinguisers carbon dioxide is filled as extinguishing media with high pressure.

5- clean agent type fire extinguisher:

clean agent type har extensions are the alternate of hallons fire extinguishers , hello in fire extinguishers are ban in industries after the commitment of the montro Kyoto protocol. Clean agent type fire extinguisher hepta chloropropane gas is used for the extinguishment purpose so for that reason teenage and type fire extinguishers are cost taking/costly.

6- Water Mist Type Fire Extinguisher –

water mist type fire extinguishers are used for the deep seated fires water mist fire extinguishers are pressurized with high pressure and the special type of nosal is used for the making the mist of water. Sometime water mist type extinguishers are considered in water type extinguishers but standard says about the water mist Fire extinguisher specially.

The types of Fire extinguishers are the classification of Fire extinguishers as per the Indian Standard are mentioned above.

Types of Fire Extinguisher as per NFPA/American standard :

The types of Fire extinguisher as per the nfpa and American standard fire extinguishers are classified into 6 types as like the Indian Standard.

Above mentioned 1 to 5 types of fire extinguisher are same but 6th one is different .NFPA says about 6 as wet chemical type fire extinguisher.

Wet Chemical type fire extinguisher –

Wet chemical type fire extinguishers are used for the special purpose, in this types of Fire extinguishers sodium and potassium acetate based solution will be there for the extinguishment.

Important – today in this article I will teach you all about the types of fire extinguishers or classification of fire extinguisher as per the different standards if you want any one of them detailed information are any topic related to fire and safety then you can kindly put in comment sections I will definitely make the separate article on this.

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