Sacheen Littlefeather death:Who was the Local American dissident booed off stage at the Oscars

Littlefeather had been suffering from metastasised breast cancer.

She was blacklisted from Hollywood after gracing the Oscars stage on Brando’s behalf when he won Best Actor for The Godfather in 1973. In a powerful speech

Littlefeather rejected the trophy as part of the actor’s protest of Hollywood’s depictions of Native American people.  Littlefeather, then 26, was booed and later alleged that actor John Wayne had to be held back by security guards backstage from assaulting her

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued a formal apology to Littlefeather over her treatment

She was also the first Native American woman to appear onstage at the Oscars, according to the Academy.

She says "My biological parents were both mentally ill and unable to raise me,”

she participated in the occupation of Alcatraz in 1970 – a 19-month-long protest