Basically Fire is the combine Combustion in which Heat, Oxygen and Fuel are involved

What is Fire

We can also say Fire is the Rapid oxidation of material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion

There are two standards which classify Fire        1- IS standard 15683 2- NFPA Standard

Types of Fire

IS standard is followed in india in the field of Fire and safety ,as per 15683 fire can be classified in 5 types- A,B,C,D,K

Class A- Ordinary Combustible Solid fire  Ex- Paper,cloth, wood   Class B- flammable liquids Fire  .Ex- Petrol, Diesel,paints, kerosene   Class C- Flammable Gas Fire Ex- Lpg,cng and others

Class D - Fire including in Metals Ex- Aluminium, Sodium   Class K - kitchen fire or Cooking oil fire Ex- cooking oil fire

Fire Classification as per NFPA(national fire protection association), fire classified into 4 types A,B,C,D

Class A- Solid Material Fire Ex- Wood , plastic, paper   Class B- flammable liquids and gases fire Ex- Petroleum product and natural gases

Class C- fire involved in Electrical Appliances Ex- Electrical short circuits and other appliances fire. Class D- Liquid Cooking media Fire

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